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June 9, 2010

Can't Stop Craving Beatrice & Woodsley

Sun rays filtering through the amber-laden windows at culinary hotspot Beatrice & Woodsley make it feel as though you are in a different world. It just so happens that the truly unique ambiance, the impeccable service, the absolutely delish cocktails, and the addictive cuisine are unlike anything you have ever experienced--everything really is out of this world.

Upon entering the restaurant, your visual senses will kick in to overdrive as you take in the rustic elegance of your surroundings. Floor to ceiling Aspen tree trunks are clustered throughout each niche, the log cabinesque bar has chainsaws buried in the wood, soft white drapes frame each seating area, and vintage lanterns add a warm glow.

Every great dining experience should start with a pre-dinner cocktail and Beatrice & Woodsley has some incredible concoctions from which to select. The fav is the CucupeƱa, a blend of citrus vodka, Triple Sec, muddled cucumber, and jalapeno with a dash of simple syrup. R-e-f-r-e-s-h-i-n-g!

Dining at Beatrice & Woodsley should be treated as a social experiment--bring friends so you have the opportunity to try more of the sinfully tasty treats offered. Top first course picks include the Artisan Cheese ($16), a selection of hand-crafted cheeses accompanies by house-made bread; and Crawfish Beignets ($9), made with a spicy red pepper aioli and fresh corn batter that is kissed with powdered sugar. Spicy? Oh yes, but bursting with flavor.

Second course selections that received rave reviews by the table were the Corn-Fed Scallop ($9), a pan-seared giant scallop served on toasted corn bread and accompanied by a spicy pepper slaw; and the dreamy Risotto Champenoise ($10), lemon risotto accented with seasonal vegetables, pine nuts, mozzarella curds and bubbly (if there are more than two of you, get two orders of each second course because you will NOT want to share!).

The large plates live up to the precedent set by the courses leading up to it. Fiedel's O-Pressed Belly ($18) is a not-to-miss dish. The seasoned pork belly falls apart with the touch of a fork and is served atop yam puree, black beans, spicy pickles and plantain chips. Simply delicious! Not quite as popular yet full of bold flavors was the Paella Negra ($22), Calisparra rice cooked with squid ink and cured ham, and sprinkled with spicy sausage, calamari, English peas, butter clams, and black mussels.

Should you have room for dessert (who doesn't?!), skip the relatively tasteless Flan and instead dive into the Whiskey-Soaked Chocolate Cake--the calories are well worth it! Then, just try to pry yourself away from your table. You will not want the experience to end!

Cost: About $100 for two (including drinks)
Time: 2 hours
Simplicity Scale (1=Effortless to 5=Elaborate): 3

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